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The commercial real estate division at Caskey & Caskey and Associates provides over thirty years of combined experience in buying, selling and leasing properties in the South Bay region of Los Angeles. Whether you are looking for an investment property, a starter location for your business or hoping to expand, the agents at Caskey & Caskey can help you achieve your goals.

From scouting possible locations to negotiating terms, Jennifer and Dave Caskey and their associates will guide you through the exciting steps of obtaining the most advantageous site for your business. As a lifelong South Bay resident, Jennifer Caskey is familiar with every corner of the beach cities and has seen their eminent growth through the years. She and Dave and their team have assisted many professionals in finding just the right location to serve their company’s needs. They understand the importance of locale and its impact on a business’ projected revenue and growth, as well as the best way to market to prospective buyers or tenants.

If you’re looking for a commercial property or hoping to find a buyer for your current location, call the team at Caskey & Caskey and Associates.